Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Porn's Thai food at Star Vista

Pornsak has opened another Porn's (wah big business wor!) at the new Star Vista, so we decided to check it out during lunch. Luckily we were there early because the whole place was packed by 12:30pm! Seems like Star Vista is attracting lots of lunch-goers from the surrounding offices!

Like seriously, how can you go to a Thai restaurant without ordering green curry or green papaya salad right? Porn's green curry is really nice - fragrant and rich. I think I can come here alone and order just this curry and a bowl of rice!

I'm someone that don't really like sour food and I've had some bad experience with very sour (at least to me lah!) Thai papaya salad. Luckily, the green papaya salad here is not that sour! I like the nice touch of that crispy bean curd skin (I guess!) which adds some texture to the salad. I think the salad will taste even better if they add some pomelo as well. After all, this salad is not cheap wor!

The minced chicken with basil leaves is overwhelming with basil leaves fragrance, so yes, another dish that needs another bowl of rice! But it does get kinda boring after chewing on the minced meat for some time. Maybe some vegetables added will be nice.

We ordered a small portion of the Tomyam soup which we heard is the authentic Thai kind, the kind that looks innocently clear but actually super spicy! And boy was this soup spicy! What we like is that it is not oily at all, but what we didn't like is that there are too little seafood in the soup. Could be a little bit more generous lah!

Overall, the food at Porn's is good, but for the three of us, it turned out to be about $16 per pax. So I don't think I can afford to lunch there everyday lah!