Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bangkok Winter still hot! - Three Pad Thai's

The very dish I've wanted to eat in Bangkok even before my trip is Pad Thai. It's one of my favourite kway teow dish but sadly, most of the ones I find in Singapore is either not authentic enough or too over-priced.

So in this short trip to Bangkok, we had as many as three pad thai's!

Chatuchak Market

Maybe because Chatuchak Market has too many tourists around, while the stuff in the market are pretty cheap, the pad thai on the roadside stalls is definitely not roadside price. And taste wise, it's really nothing fantastic. I heard that the pad thai at Kaoshan Road is really famous, so maybe we'll try that next time!

Black Canyon

The last meal I had in Bangkok was the pad thai at Black Canyon in the airport. It is supposed to be their award-winning dish. While the pad thai is indeed not bad in taste, it's not as good as the one we had in Mango Tree, and for about the same price, they're not as generous with the prawns.

Mango Tree Bistro

Okay, this is one pad thai that I'll go back for. It is tasty and not too sweet, and the prawns are really fresh. The kway teow is Q and not mushy! And most importantly, I can smell and taste the wok-hei!