Monday, October 28, 2013

Hong Kong Eat Eat Eat! - Eating snake

After over an hour's delay at Singapore airport, by the time we reached the Causeway Corner service apartment, it was already 4pm. Way way after a normal lunch time and we were really really starved! So after checking in, we wanted to eat at somewhere near. Really near. So we went to 蛇王二 downstairs.

蛇王二 is famous for two types of dishes: snake soup (duh!) and roasted dishes, so we ordered both.

We ordered 叉燒烧鸭飯 (char siew and roasted duck rice) and it was really as good as we heard. The 叉燒 is fragrantly roasted and not too sweet. There's fair amount of fat in it so it is not dry at all. The 烧鸭 is even better! It is as fat and moist, and definitely more fragrant. It's really not easy to find such good 烧鸭 in Singapore, and if you find one, you usually have to pay through your nose! The only complaint is that I would prefer more sauce on my rice.

And then the 蛇羹 (snake soup). We ordered the set meal, which consists of 蛇羹 (snake soup) + 臘味飯 (duck liver sausage rice) + 油菜 (vege). The main dish 蛇羹 tastes fresh and not gamely at all. Perhaps due to some herbs added to the soup. There're abundant snake meat in the soup so it feels really worth it to the kiasu Singaporean in me! And I guess snake tastes like... chicken?

As for the 臘味飯, I dare say that the 潤腸 is the best I've eaten so far! The skin is crispy (like how?! Did they fry it?!), and the meat is really fragrant and moist (yes, I noticed that I've been repeating these two adjectives...). This is the kind of 潤腸 that you can eat with a bowl of white rice! But the 油菜 can be skipped. Apparently most roast meat restaurants in Hong Kong like to serve a plate of blanched lettuce with a big spoonful of oyster sauce on it, but I'm really not a fan of it.

Address: 銅鑼灣波斯富街24號

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