Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hong Kong Eat Eat Eat! - Macau breakfast in Hong Kong

On our first morning in Hong Kong, we decided to grab breakfast from the Macau cafe across the street from our service apartment. All Hong Kong cafes have choices of Set A, B, C... breakfast sets, usually consisting of some macaroni or noodles, sandwiches, egg and a cup of coffee, tea or yuanyang. But mind you, these breakfast sets are way bigger than our kaya toast + half-boiled eggs + kopi set!

What you see in the picture above are 2 breakfast sets. One that is consisted of a bowl of beef macaroni and bun with ham and egg, the other is the plate of buns, sausage and egg. But SERIOUSLY, Hong Kong?! Like WHO in their right mind (or stomach!) will eat a bowl of macaroni AND think "hmm... I think I should be full if I could have just one more bun"?!

Quantity apart, the food here is really good. The beef macaroni (羅宋湯通粉) is full of flavor, and not stingy on the beef and vege at all. A really satisfying bowl to kick start your day. The buns (豬仔包) are surprisingly good as well. Crispy on the outside and soft inside! They do know how to bake good buns! The only thing we didn't like was the sausage, which was kinda hard and a bit too salty. As for the drinks, we ordered coffee and yuanyang, which are of course better than any that we have in Singapore!

In another visit, we packed their famous Portuguese egg tart as snack. It is nice, with thick crispy skin and thick and fragrant egg custard. But not as nice as those we had in Macau itself, maybe partly because it is not "burnt" enough? But still, it was one good snack.

Address: 銅鑼灣謝斐道477-481號肇明大廈地舖A連1樓

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